Venice Film Festival delivers the goods

Well, the Venice Film Festival just came to an end with some seriously huge talent vying for the top prize; the Golden Lion. Some of the films that ran in competition included Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan (trailer down the page), Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Richard Lewis’ film Barney’s Version, actor Vincent Gallo’s Promises Written in Water and Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins.

With Quentin Tarantino as the VFF’s Jury Head, the choice for a winner was surely going to be an excellent one. Prior to Venice he chose Oldboy as the Grand Jury Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004, and it was thoroughly deserved I might add. This year it went to the highly anticipated follow up from Sofia Coppola. Her film Somewhere comes straight off the back of a seriously mixed and uneven Marie Antoinette biopic entitled…Marie Antoinette. Based on the trailer, Somewhere follows a similar path as one of her previous films, Lost In Translation. It stars Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning’s younger sister) as a father and daughter team that have recently been brought together his success as a film actor and celebrity. You can view the trailer below:


Lost in Translation is one of my personal favourites, so it was great to see Sofia’s newest film get great buzz, especially after stumbling a little with Marie Antoinette. I’ll definitely be curious to see Black Swan and 13 Assassins from two directors that really like to push the envelope. I was wondering what you guys thought of the Venice showings, and possibly the upcoming Toronto Film Festival. Was there anything that really caught your eye?